Many people may experience stress when buying a ticket for a hot concert in their area or the biggest football game of the year. Sometimes, they have to queue for a few days to buy tickets. Fortunately, there are some online booking platforms that make the purchase simple and quick. You may have heard some reputable names when finding a booking place. One of them is GameTime. But is GameTime legit? We will find the answer in this article.

What is Gametime?

is gametime legit

Gametime is a ticket broker that allows you to buy and sell tickets in mobile mode. It gives you the experience of buying last-minute tickets with reasonable ticket deals for the most well-known events in theatre, music, sports, and more in over 60 cities. With this website, you can book your favourite artist’s or player’s event in a few minutes. In addition, the interface is extremely simple-to-use, making sure that you have no issues when booking via the app. It was founded in 2012 and developed by specialists of Gametime United Inc. Today, you can use this service on both iOS and Android. 

What services does Gametime provide?

is gametime legit

With Gametime, people can easily access their favourite events at a moment’s notice. The company successfully works with ticket suppliers all over the world, allowing customers can find the perfect live experience remarkably fast and easily on their phones. You can purchase tickets last minute for sports, theatre and concert events via Gametime. Some of its ticket events are National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, WrestleMania, PGA tour events and the AMA Supercross championship. In addition, Gametime enables you to select events by category and see the seats and the cost in an accessible mode. 

Is Gametime legit?

Let’s find out the answer to the primary question “Is Gametime legit?”. In short, Gametime is a legit ticket booking platform in the Market. This company was established in 2012 and is currently one of the most trustworthy ticket marketplaces across 50 cities in the U.S. and Canada. This site offers a ticket guarantee to all its customers when they make a ticket purchase through the app. Additionally, you can read the information about this company on the site. Plus, Gametime uses a system for recognizing the authenticity of tickets using photos, which is of vital importance due to not every ticket platform uses this function. What’s more, the authenticity and legality of tickets are one of the top considerations of this website. 

Pros and cons of Gametime

is gametime legit

As one of the leading ticket booking platforms, you can get a wide variety of benefits from Gametime. However, there also has several drawbacks that you should pay close attention to. For convenience, we have listed some of the most common pros and cons of Gametime below. 

Pros of Gametime

Gametime is a great website to buy tickets to the event at the very last moment. Furthermore, you also don’t need to print tickets. In addition, it has a beautiful interface and is extremely easy to use the app. The best thing is that there are practically no technical failures in the operation and hidden additional fees. What’s more, it also offers ticket guarantees and good customer service until the event is entirely over. Last but not least, it is a mobile-first ticket broker that has both Android and iOS applications, which is convenient for users to use. 

Cons of Gametime

In addition to the perfect points, Gametime also has some weaknesses you need to consider before using it. The traffic of Gametime is slightly lower, compare to other popular ticket booking websites. Furthermore, the ticket selection is not diverse and the fee is quite high. 

Gametime service fee

There are many complaints that Gametime ticket prices are quite high, compared to other ticket booking platforms. Its prices depend on a range of factors such as the season and day you are booking, the popularity of the event and ticket, and many other different factors. Nonetheless, you also get some amazing deals and offers on the site. The service fees are a certain percentage of the ticket price and they are constantly changing. Although Gametime is completely legit, reliable, and safe, many experts do not recommend this service precisely because of the high fees. The best thing is that there is no hidden additional fee on the site. 

Gametime alternatives

Although Gametime is one of the top ticket booking websites, it is not as well-known as some other platforms. Therefore, if you want to find another one, you can consider some of the following companies that offer similar legit services to Gametime  


is gametime legit

Founded in 2000, StubHub is one of the best Gametime alternatives. This service has provided ticket buyers and sellers with a platform for people to go to events. With StubHub, you can find tickets to top events from all over the world, ranging from live performances, and national tours to small local concerts, shows and venues. StubHub works by reselling tickets for live entertainment events and makes its money by collecting a commission on each ticket sold. In addition, you can get a discount ticket price via StubHub. Moreover, this site is also helpful for buying tickets at the last minute or for events that are officially sold out.    


is gametime legit

If you are satisfied with Gametime’s service, you can give SeatGeek a try. It is an online ticket platform founded in 2009. You can buy or sell tickets for concerts, sporting events, theatre, or other events via both the desktop and mobile platform. Furthermore, you can search for events according to categories, cities, or a key term in SeatGeek’s search box. In addition, this site also enables you to filter by date, but you can not search by venue. 

Vivid Seats

is gametime legit

Another Gametime alternative you can take consideration into is Vivid Seats. Launched in 2001, it allows users to access all kinds of concert, theatre, and sporting event tickets. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use interface and powerful search functionality. Therefore, you can sort your search results by ticket, region, date, or artist. VividSeats is one of the excellent choices when looking for a ticket, mostly because of its rewards program. You can get some special deals when making a ticket purchase via the site.        

FAQs on Gametime

Is Gametime Safe?

In short, yes.  Gametime is relatively safe to use but you should take caution when using it. In Appstore, it has received a rating of 4.7/5. According to Justuseapp Safety Score, the rating of Gametime is 20.8/100.

Why should I buy from Gametime?

With Gametime’s service, you can easily access your favourite events at a moment’s notice. It gives customers the best possible ticket buying experience, especially at the last minute. Furthermore, Gametime prices are transparent. You can see the full ticket prices and the best deals on the site, especially, there is no hidden fee on the site. Unlike other ticket marketplaces, with Gametime, your purchase process takes just two taps and ten seconds. Furthermore, you can use this ticket directly on your phone, making it convenient and easy to make a ticket purchase.      

Can you trust Gametime?

Gametime does everything possible to maintain the trust of customers. This website offers a ticket guarantee, so it guarantees timely delivery to ticket buyers. Furthermore, it pays close attention to the issue of delivery and tries to prevent all possible problems associated with delivery. If your ticket is not delivered on time, you will receive a ticket replacement or get a full refund. If your event is cancelled, you will get a full refund.  

How to contact Gametime customer service?

If you tackle problems during the period of using Gametime’s service, you can contact them via email or phone number. The phone number is (888) 355-0132. Although the telephone connection does not always work, the customer service teams always respond to emails very quickly. Another way is to write your question to the support staff of the contractor. In addition, they also have a special interactive window. Nonetheless, to use this approach, you need to register first. Fortunately, the registration process is extremely simple, so you can take its process in a few minutes. Additionally, you can contact them via their Facebook account.     

What is the Gametime Ticket Guarantee?

Gametime offers a guarantee for your tickets. This is the reason why there are thousands of people come across, view, sell or purchase tickets on this website. They guarantee that all tickets purchased are valid and will arrive in time for the event. If this event is cancelled, you will get replacement tickets or a full refund. It is worth noting that this site does not accept refunds within 72 hours of the event’s start. There are some exceptions, but they are extremely rare. If you have a question about a refund, you can send them an email.  

When is the best time to purchase tickets on Gametime?

Lots of customers of Gametime purchase a ticket about 7 days before the start of the event. According to the majority of them, this is the best time to make a ticket purchase because the prices are reduced a week before the event. As a result, they can get the best affordable deals. 

Final thoughts on is Gametime legit

is gametime legit

To sum up, Gametime is a legit website to buy a ticket for sports, theatre and concert events. As one of the largest ticket booking websites, it offers you a wide range of great benefits.  Despite the disadvantages, it is still a favourite place for many users. If you are trying to purchase a ticket at the last minute, you can consider this site.  

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