In recent years, the popularity of online shopping has risen quickly, and more people tend to like online purchases rather than traditional shopping. However, there are both legit and not legit platforms among e-commerce shopping websites. Today, we’ll talk about Zolucky, and I will give you the real picture behind this online retailer.

What is Zolucky?

is zolucky legit

Zolucky is an online retailer that sells dresses, shirts, pants, shoes, swimwear, and other products for women. It has only been around for three years and failed to establish a solid reputation in the internet fashion industry. The company aims to provide its customers with unique and quality fashion items from freelance designers. In addition to offering clothes for women, Zolucky also sells other products, including waterproof phones, photo string lights, metal products, and functional foods, which is quite rare for a legit online fashion company.

What does Zolucky sell?

There are various categories on the Zolucky website for you to choose from, including dresses, shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, men’s clothes, swimwear, and coats. It offers a wide range of outfit styles depending on the season, which allows you to keep up with the hottest trends in the fashion sector. Besides, with Zolucky, you can find a wide selection of shoes, such as boots, oxfords, sneakers, and sandals. Additionally, many accessory items like bags, earrings, necklaces, rings, gloves, socks, belts, and caps are available on this site.

Is Zolucky legit?

Whether an online shopping platform is legit or a scam largely depends on the reliability and honesty of the website. Unfortunately, Zolucky is unable to prove both authenticity and truthfulness. The following are some main reasons why Zolucky may not be a legit site. Zolucky is always trying to hide information related to the name of its owner, contact information, and location, which you can easily find at any legit company. Additionally, there are a lot of complaints and bad reviews about the quality of Zolucky’s items. It provides very low-quality products that do not resemble descriptions on the website. Moreover, people find that the company has copied most products from other sites. To sum up, Zolucky might not be a legit platform, or even a scam, so it is not a good choice if you don’t want to risk your little income.

Zolucky pros and cons

Zolucky is a Chinese retailer that offers products at low prices. However, many people express dissatisfaction with its products’ quality and worry about its legitimacy. Below are some benefits and drawbacks of Zolucky.

Pros of Zolucky

Promos and coupons

If you visit the Zolucky site frequently, you will find that it offers many amazing discounts, including seasonal sales, email subscription discounts, and special offers. In particular, these discounts can range from 10% to 80%, which allows you to buy a product for nearly free.

Big selection

Zolucky has a wide selection of cheap products. You can find a variety of clothes, shoes, skirts, coats, jewelry, shirts, and other items. Most costs of the items on the website are incredibly affordable, most of which are under $20.

is zolucky legit

Cons of Zolucky

Poor-quality products

The products of Zolucky likely have low or substandard quality, which would probably have thin materials, and many faulty seams. Additionally, it is one of the numerous businesses that depend on the manufacturing sector in China. Therefore, if you order from Zolucky, it is likely that you will receive fake items.

Limited customer service

Zolucky does not provide the phone number to contact its customer service. Moreover, although it offers an email address, it is non-working. Many people say that they cannot send any emails to this address. All of these demonstrate that Zolucky is not a legit website.

Owned by an illegal company

The company behind Zolucky is “Chicv Company Ltd”, which has a poor online reputation. Many people say that they feel regretful and have made a mistake when buying from stores affiliated with this business. This means that Zolucky is a member of the network of unsafe online retailers. 

High return rate

Although the products of Zolucky have low prices, the company cannot guarantee that your product will arrive on time or without damage. Sometimes, it seems Zolucky doesn’t care about shipping the correct products. In fact, there is an online argument that Zolucky makes more money from returns than from purchases. 

Zolucky alternatives

If you are interested in Zolucky because of its affordable prices, we highly recommend going to a more well-known international retailer which offers free returns. Here are a few of the best alternatives to Zolucky.


One of the most popular online retailers is Shein, which offers a free return to the USA. They sell clothes for men, women, kids, babies, and even pets. Besides, they provide other random goods, like exciting household goods. Although shopping here is not always successful, free returns guarantee you will not lose any money.


It is a marketplace for all sorts of Chinese goods, including clothes, furniture, and anything else you can imagine. However, not all items here have free returns. Individual sellers will decide whether they offer free returns, so you should check to verify if the item has the “free return” symbol or a money-back guarantee. 


Lulus is a legit online retailer for women that provides luxury clothes for any special occasion in your life. They sell hundreds of products in unique categories like weddings and even animal print shoes.


Zaful offers clothes and accessories for both men and women, including shirts, pants, coats, blazers, casual wear, hoodies, and more. In particular, it is famous for providing a huge selection of pretty and trendy dresses at an affordable price. You can find any style on this site, from simple to bodycon to cardigan dresses.


Zulily is an online store that specializes in products for moms and children. It often offers fantastic discounts to attract many customers and enhance its popularity in the online shopping marketplace. Most products here are from little-known brands, such as baby supplies, travel accessories, bedding and bath, children’s outfits, toys, DVDs, and educational materials. The site also claims to be a legit and eco-friendly site.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a low-cost online fashion store with headquarters in Los Angeles. There are many different styles available on their site, including cute outfits, luxury dresses, trendy or sexy clothes, and crop tops. However, the company does not provide a free return service, so you will have to pay a small fee if you want to return an item.

is zolucky legit

FAQs on Zolucky

Does Zolucky have a return policy?

Yes, Zolucky offers customers a return and refund policy. If you feel dissatisfied with your purchase, you can request a return within 30 days of receiving your last package. In order to submit a request, you can contact Zolucky via “Contact us “or the “Online Chat” features on the site. After receiving your requirement, the company will examine it, and if it is valid, they will give you a refund or return a new product.

Is Zolucky worth the money?

Zolucky is a retailer of trendy, fashionable, and affordable products. However, its customer services and product quality are not good at all. The company receives a lot of complaints about long shipping time, poor quality of products and unhelpful customer service. Therefore, Zolucky is not a reliable site for making purchases.

What are the payment methods at Zolucky? 

The website allows customers to pay through credit cards, such as American Express, Visa, Diners Club, and Discover. The company also claims not to record your credit card number or other personal information when you make payment.

Where does Zolucky ship from?

Zolucky is a Chinese-based online site that primarily sells fashion and lifestyle items. It offers free shipping on purchases of $109 or more and ships its goods anywhere in the world. Although the company’s main warehouse is in Shanghai, it also operates distribution centers in Beijing and Shenzhen.

 What can I do when the checkout cannot go through?

Sometimes, you cannot make a payment due to network problems, incorrect addresses, bank rejection, or the risk protection system of your card provider. According to Zolucky, you should try many times, use another card to pay, and pay with your Paypal account. If these ways do not work, you can take screenshots of failure and email them to Zolucky. And then, it will check and handle the problems for you as soon as possible.

Why is Zolucky so cheap?

It is an e-commerce store that offers products made in China at the best prices. One of the main reasons for this may be that Zolucky delivers its goods from China, where production prices are lower than in other nations. Additionally, Zolucky offers goods directly to its customers, which helps to keep costs down. Furthermore, it provides a large selection of promotions, allowing customers to get fantastic discounts on everything from clothes to electronics.

Final thoughts on Zolucky – Is Zolucky legit?

is zolucky legit

With Zolucky, you can quickly find a large number of beautiful products with various designs. Still, most Zolucky reviews are unfavorable, and this website lacks essential information, which is rather alarming. Furthermore, legit platforms always provide all the contact information for their customers to use when needed, but we cannot find anything at Zolucky. As a result, it is best if you stay away from this website because we doubt Zolucky is not legit.


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